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Change is in the Wind

Change is in the Wind
Various Authors
ISBN: 978-1935171911
238 pages


Change In The Wind is a fresh, challenging collection of seventeen short stories by as many authors, all dealing with the theme of change and renewal. Virtually every major theme in modern literature, including romance, mystery, crime, science fiction, religion and even nature find their way into these marvelous, eclectic stories.

Second Wind Authors

Salamander   Deborah J Ledford
Nerd of Prey   Noah Baird
Fifty-Two Years   J J Dare
Pain Killer   Dellani Oakes
Cache-22   J. Conrad Guest
The Willow   Pat Bertram
Gratitude   Claire Collins
Apres Holiday   Susan Surman
Caddo Creek   Lazarus Barnhill

Short Story Contest Winner

Dormant   LeeAnn McLennan

Featured Guests

Christopher’s Egg   S. M. Senden
Ransom Heart   Michael Robert Dyet
Cave Creek   Virginia Nosky
Baby Girl   Roni Olson
Ark   Sheila Deeth
Resolution   Barry Carver
Guardian Angel   Wilfred Bereswill


Pain Killer
by Dellani Oakes

      He eyed the distant horizon, trying to remember, but begging to forget. What were the last words she’d said to him, right before she died in his arms? “I’ll always love you, Wil. Don’t forget. . . .”
      Opening the container of her ashes slowly, he said his last, silent goodbyes, dribbling the ashes over the edge of the escarpment, letting the wind carry them where they may. This had been her favorite place to climb, where she always came to think. Ironic that her death had resulted from a fall—one that had been his fault.
      Tossing the empty container as hard as he could, he walked abruptly from the edge, willing himself not to turn around again, nor hurl himself after her. “Penny, I’m so sorry. Please. . . . please forgive me.”
      He headed back to his line, strongly considering free climbing to the bottom, but knew the impracticality of this action. He was good, but not superhuman, although he felt god-like often enough. He could hear Penny’s voice in his head, chiding him for playing the fool, when two seconds of common sense would have made life safer, simpler, duller. He prided himself on never doing the mundane, expected or predictable. Maybe that was one reason she was dead.
      Never one for self-doubts, but a master at self-blame, he shoved the thoughts roughly aside, determined not to analyze the mission anymore. It was over. He’d killed her as swiftly as if he had put a pistol to her temple and pulled the trigger.



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