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Clara's Wish

Clara\'s Wish
Dagger Books
286 pages
ISBN 978-1-938101-28-1


“Marvelously layered, Clara's Wish is a captivating tale of family secrets and a long concealed mystery. With a deft hand, the author skillfully tells the story through compelling dialogue and realistic backgrounds. S. M. Senden is an author to watch.”
--Marilyn Meredith author of Raging Water. Epic award winner, Lingering Spirit.
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"In the tradition of The Lovely Bones, Clara's Wish quickly engulfs us in Clara's greatest desire and in getting her wish, unfortunately, havoc follows. Clara's Wish is a compelling, fast-paced yet atmospheric novel of intrigue and small town murder. S. M. Senden sends you right down the pipeline to caring about the characters, the crime, cold case as it is, and has you enthralled from beginning to end, all in style."
-- Robert W. Walker, author of Children of Salem, Killer Instinct, Cutting Edge and more.

“Secrets from the past. A little romance. A touch of mystery. Clara's Wish takes readers back to a simpler time, a time when society's rules were much stricter . . . but murder was just as deadly. It was AWESOME! Clara's Wish is a must read!!”
--Nichole R. Bennett, author of Ghost Mountain


      Silence hangs in the air; a valuable diamond ring, taken from the skeletonized hand of a corpse, lays untouched on the Sheriff’s desk. Bergin Halverson wrestles with the ghosts of his past, and his fears that have kept him silent for decades. He recognizes that the truth, which only he knows, must eventually be told so that the ghosts of his past may finally be put to rest.
     In a voice barely audible Bergin Halverson relates that it all began with the wish of a pretty young woman back in December of 1924. He says her name, almost as if it were a caress; Clara Lindgren.

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